Top Shuttering Manufacturer in Rajasthan

Shuttering Manufacturer in Rajasthan


RP Wood Products Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Shuttering Manufacturer in Rajasthan, India. Under controlled temperature and pressure with good timings, we manufacture Shuttering plywood using Fortified Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin. This plywood is composed as per the IS: 848:1974 standards to obtain unsurpassed bonding with immense resistance to borers and termites. It's a high-quality, densified substitute building plywood made from a combination of REDWOOD and POPLAR WOOD veneers.

The superior quality of Shuttering Plywood makes it perfect for a broad range of applications, including mattresses, couches, tables, chairs, closets, TV table units, and other furniture.

Shuttering Manufacturer in Rajasthan
Our Shuttering Plywood is synonymous with quality, stability and reliability..!!
Features of Shuttering Plywood:
  • • High-density alternate construction
  • • Smooth surface
  • • Termite resistant
  • • Borer proof
  • • Equal thickness at all points
Specifications of Shuttering Plywood:
  • • Moisture content ranges - 8% to 12%.
  • • No delamination after 72 hours of soaking in hot water.
  • • Micrological Test - After 21 days of exposure to microorganisms, there was no separation at the margins.
  • • Elasticity Modules - More than 5000N/mm2
  • • Rupture Modules - More than 40 N / Mm2
  • • Screw Holding Strength: Over 100 Kgs.
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