Marine Ply Manufacturers in UP

Marine Ply Manufacturer in UP

Marine Ply in UP

RP Wood Products Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Marine Ply Manufacturer in UP, India. In the plywood industry, marine ply is the highest rated plywood. Temperature variations, wetness, drying, and wetting are all resistant to plywood. The offered marine ply is manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, with precise specifications for quality, dependability, and longevity. They are utilized in the boat-building sector, where there is a lot of water exposure.

The unparalleled quality of marine Plywood creates it perfect for a broad range of applications, including boat making industry, mobile tower construction, outdoor garden furniture, staircase, bathroom or kitchen constructions.

Marine Ply Manufacturer in UP
Our Marine Ply is synonymous with quality, stability and reliability..!!
Features of Marine Ply:
  • • Unrivalled strength
  • • Impact resistance
  • • Scratch proof due to hard exterior
  • • Ideal for outdoor and high-water-exposure applications
Specifications of Marine Ply:
  • • 100% Treated Wood Only
  • • Thicker Gurjan Face
  • • Unexpended BWP resin
  • • Pre-press Technology
  • • 100% Composed Core
  • • BS 1088 standard
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